Best week of my life. She makes everything better :)

You get tumblr yet? If u really don't get it, just call me. I'll try to help :)

Im trying :) I think I’ll get it,it’s okay. But I’ll still call you later to hear your beautiful voice <3 …that was cheesy as fuck :$

well, figure it out by yourself :p im too tired, maybe tmr :) &&& i cant see you tmr, even in the morning lol,soooorry :$ and uhm Bryan is pissing me off -.- he fkn keeps texting meeee n im trying to sleep. lol i legit told him to fuck off so yeah make him stop please :p anyway, gnight <3

lol oh damn my boy is pissing you off :o aight ill tell him to fuck off :) well i want to see you soon <3 maybe friday morning or something. ill text you in the morning beautiful <3 good night :) 

is it working? :$

yehh ;) but i dont know shit about this so your gonna have to show me how next time i see you :$

lost as fuck

k well i dont get this shit.

sandrin, the fuck is this? -.-

jte donne my password and like fix this shit up for me?

i dont even know if your gonna see this :$